Bistro & Drinks No. 28​

The place where it all started in 1995 with a café inspired by the vibe in Berlin. We took over in 2002, and today No. 28 is our idea of a quirky Bistro and Bar with loads of atmosphere and great food.

Today, the inspiration mainly comes from Aarhus, Brooklyn and Paris, and we are open for brunch, lunch and dinner every day - and of course, for drinks and snacks all day long. 

​Simple, Uncomplicated & Cosy.


We offer snacks, a la carte, brunch for DKK 200,-, a 3 course bistro menu for DKK 300,- - and of course, drinks and snacks all day long - every day.

​Snacks & Drinks

Brunch & Lunch

Bistro Menu & Dinner

Opening Hours


Monday-friday 11-22

Saturday-Sunday 10-22

The Bistro closes at 00.00

Simple, Uncomplicated & Cosy​

General info​

In the Heart of Aarhus, Denmark

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