About Bar 18​

Maybe Denmark's smallest - full of good atmosphere and a splash of decadence. The bar is wrapped in Parisian velvet, and the walls are decorated by Danish artist Søren Behncke. Visit the bar before or after your visit to Bistro 28 or Restaurant 20 with which the bar shares it's entrance - or just for a cosy night out.

Simple, Uncomplicated & Cosy.

Snacks & Hygge

Hygge, vibe and drinks are the main characteristics of Bar 18 where you can enjoy our many wines, cocktails from award-winning Tchin-Tchin, a cold beer or great coffee. And of course, we also have a delicious snack menu for the small hunger.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 11-24

Saturday-Sunday 10-24​

Simple, Uncomplicated & Cosy​

General info​

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