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               Christmas serving                                Christmas menu

From November 20th you can get a christmas package with several servings​.

Classic handmade chistmas delicacies

- many small servings which needs good time

Thy herring ” spiced” with onion, tomato, and capers


Handpeeled shrimp with lemon and dillmayonaise


Smoked salmon with spinach a la creme


Plaice filet, meuniuere fried, served with revigote and lemon


Chickensalad with mushrooms and bacon


Pork with red cabbage, and small caramalized potatoes


Beef tenderloin seared with black pepper, onion and raisins


Mont d’or - creamy and washed cowmilks cheese

Served with prunes and walnuts in armagnac


Apple compote with caramel, sweet breadcrumbs, and cream

The delicacies are served with ryebread, wheatbread, butter, and flavored lard

Price pr. guest kr. 395,-

​Our three-couse seasonal menu

Starts november 20th

First course

Marinated salmon with dillsauce and deep fried oysters

Main course - choose between

Turbot with spring cabbage, mushrooms, and champagne sauce


Beef tenderloin seared with blach pepper, armagnac, and raisins


Apple compote with caramel, red current, and cream 

The christmas menu is served with two kinds of bread and butter

3-course menu

Price pr. guest kr. 395,-

Winemenu - 3 glasses

Price pr. guest kr. 220,-​


Monday - Friday (kitchen) 11.30 - 22.00

Saturday - Sunday (kitchen) 10.00 - 22.00​


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