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Corona and Mefisto

Our daily measures to avoid Corona at Mefisto:

In addition to the fact that we naturally comply with the authorities' requirements and follow their guidelines, Including having reduced the number of seats in the restaurant and the courtyard, so the distance requirement is complied with.

Have we also implemented the following additional measures:

* Dispensers with hand alcohol and hand alcohol stands are at the entrance and exit.

* Dispensers with hand alcohol are at both the entrance and exit to the toilets.

* Personal hand alcohol bottle for all guests at their tables.

* In collaboration with the relevant authorities, extra outdoor seating has been established in Volden

* When the weather allows this, ventilation / fresh air is ensured in the restaurant, just as facade windows are removed, so most seats can be considered outdoors.

* The toilets are cleaned and desinfectet frequently.

* All tables, water jugs, placemats etc. are cleaned before the table is occupied again.

* Salt and pepper have been replaced with envelope bags, and bread is served in a bag so that there is no contact with the bread basket.

* If a guest or employee becomes infected with Corona, an action plan has been drawn up which takes the necessary measures, including contact with the authorities, and this plan is implemented immediately.


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