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Lunch a la Carte​

Mefisto's brunch also served as lunch

7 different delicacies and two types of bread in one serving:

Hand peeled shrimps with dill mayonnaise

Asparagus, gremolata, pine nuts and parmesan

Smoked mackerel with tomato

Chicken legs cooked Thai-style

Fish burger with sauce verte

Camembert frites and jam

Rhubarb, meringue and vanilla Dkk. 198,-​

With freshly brewed coffee or tea and apple juice Dkk. 248,-

With a glass of white-, red- or rose wine Dkk. 268,-

Classic lunch - Mefisto way

Thy herring in three bite size variations Dkk. 98,-

Kyllesbechs salmon tartare mixed with red onion and

cress, served with sour cream and horseradish Dkk. 118,-

Hand peeled shrimps accompanied by

mayonnaise, lemon and brioche Dkk. 128,-

Fish cakes with sauce verte Dkk. 98,-

Chicken salad with mushrooms and bacon Dkk. 98,-

Plaice fillet, pan seared and served with bacon,

lemon and pickled cucumber Dkk. 138,-

“Tarteletter” with creamed chicken and asparagus Dkk. 148,-

Beef brisket with horseradish creme Dkk. 158,- ​


​​​Sandwich - open and large, served with:

​Smoked salmon, white asparagus and scrambled egg Dkk. 98,-

Chicken, curry, bacon and cress Dkk. 98,-

Veal tenderloin and creamy mushrooms Dkk. 118,-​

Salads, fresh and large:

Asparagus, gremolata, pine nuts and parmesan Dkk. 98,-

Goat cheese wrapped in puff pastry with 

mild mustard and herbs Dkk. 98,-

Caesar salad with chicken, croutons and parmesan cheese Dkk. 98,-​

​Omelettes made with fresh eggs and filled with:

Ham, cauliflower and parmesan Dkk. 108,-

Lobster, potatoes and dill Dkk. 138,- 

Lunch menus

​The small menu - two delicacies in one serving Dkk. 278,-

Fish delicacies - three fresh out of the sea Dkk. 298,-​

Mefisto’s Delicacies

Oysters served natural or fried      3 for Dkk. 90,- 6 for Dkk. 150,-

Mussels steamed in plenty of herbs,

garlic and thyme, served in the broth Dkk. 138,-

Fish soup filled with todays catch and seafood

served with aioli and croutons Dkk. 178,-​

The famous “Stjerneskud” - open sandwich with salad, plaice fillets, smoked salmon, hand peeled schrimps and chili mayo Dkk. 188,- ​


Lobster burger with mild chili, French fries and truffle dip Dkk. 198,-

Lobster grilled in the oven with garlic, parsley and

lemon accompanied by aioli

Half a lobster Dkk. 228,-


A whole lobster Dkk. 398.-​

If you are vegetarian or have any dietary needs please talk to our staff - we will happily create one or more green delicacies for you..

​Cheese & Dessert

Cheese selection       3 cheeses Dkk. 78,- 6 cheeses Dkk. 128,-

Gorgonzola, red onion and egg yolk Dkk. 98, -

Rhubarb, meringue and vanilla ice cream Dkk. 88, -

Bitter chocolate cake with passionfruit sorbet Dkk. 98, -

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

(kitchen) 11.30 - 22.00

Saturday - Sunday

(kitchen) 10.00 - 22.00


Restaurant +45 86 13 18 13 

Every day 10.00 - 23.00

Administration +45 87 41 61 54

(Monday - Friday 10.00 - 15.00)

in the heart of Aarhus

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