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Lunch a la Carte​

Mefisto's brunch also served as lunch

7 different delicacies and two types of bread in one serving:

Herring in sour cream and dill

Hand peeled shrimps with poached egg

Fried cod fish, “remoulade” and lemon

Mashed potatoes topped with bacon and beetroot

Duck sausage, cabbage and truffle

Braised pig in a bun with caramelized onion

Chocolate mousse with orange Dkk. 198,-​

With freshly brewed coffee or tea and apple juice Dkk. 248,-

With a glass of white-, red- or rose wine Dkk. 268,-

Classic lunch - Mefisto way

“Thy” herring served in three ways Dkk. 98,-

Kyllesbechs salmon tartare mixed with red onion and

cress, served with sour cream and horseradish Dkk. 118,-

Hand peeled shrimps accompanied by

mayonnaise, lemon and brioche Dkk. 128,-

Fish cakes with stewed spinach Dkk. 98,-

Chicken salad with bacon, mushrooms and cornichon Dkk. 98,-

Plaice fillet, pan seared and served with 

lemon and pickled cucumber Dkk. 138,-

"Pariserbøf" - open sandwich with beef tenderloin, pickles,

horse radish, capers, beetroot and egg yolk Dkk. 168,- ​


​​​Sandwich - open and large, served with:

​Smoked salmon, apple and crayfish Dkk. 118,-

Chicken breast, curry and crispy bacon Dkk. 98,-

Duck breast, orange and berries Dkk. 138,-​

Salads, fresh and large:

Fried egg, root vegetables and herbs Dkk. 98,-

Goat cheese wrapped in puff pastry with 

mild mustard and beetroot Dkk. 98,-

Caesar salad with chicken, croutons and parmesan cheese Dkk. 98,-​

​Omelettes made with fresh eggs and filled with:

Bacon, onion and parmesan Dkk. 108,-

Lobster, potatoes and dill Dkk. 138,- 

Lunch menus

​The small menu - two delicacies in one serving Dkk. 278,-

Fish delicacies - three fresh out of the sea Dkk. 298,-​

Mefisto’s Delicacies

Oysters served natural or fried      3 for Dkk. 90,- 6 for Dkk. 150,-

Mussels steamed in plenty of herbs,

garlic and thyme, served in the broth Dkk. 138,-

Fish soup filled with todays catch and seafood

served with aioli and croutons Dkk. 178,-​

The famous “Stjerneskud” - open sandwich with salad, plaice fillets, smoked salmon, hand peeled schrimps and chili mayo Dkk. 188,- ​


Lobster burger with crispy lettuce accompanied by French fries and truffle dip Dkk. 198,-

Lobster grilled in the oven with garlic, parsley and

lemon accompanied by aioli

Half a lobster Dkk. 228,-      A whole lobster Dkk. 398.-​

If you are vegetarian or have any dietary needs please talk to our staff - we will happily create one or more green delicacies for you..

​Cheese & Dessert

Cheese selection       3 cheeses Dkk. 78,- 6 cheeses Dkk. 128,-

Camembert Frites and blackcurrant Dkk. 78,-

Almond ice cream, cherry and crispy rice Dkk. 88,-

Bitter chocolate cake with mint ice cream Dkk. 98,-

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

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Saturday - Sunday

(kitchen) 10.00 - 22.00


Restaurant +45 86 13 18 13 

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(Monday - Friday 10.00 - 15.00)

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